Stop Hair Fall Grow Hair Fast


Stop Hair Fall Grow Hair Fast

Stop Hair Fall Grow Hair Fast How are you guys? Did you got shock? Must be wondering It was time to let go of some of my hair. That is why they are gone. For two years.. maintaining long hair blow drying long hair. Applying the mask.. drying them.. ironing them. I believe there should be a room for change sometime. That is why I had my hair short. I feels I was having lot of hair fall. and it was getting quiet difficult for me to handle my long hair. You guys must know that in order to condition hair properly. and I wanted the change. I have my hair cut from Nabila’s. I have little highlights too.. Because in my previous dramas. My hair were all black. and before that in I have long hair for quite some time. In Today’s video.. I am telling you that I am on a mission. I want my hair to get thick. My hair growth is very slow. and everyone feels right after their haircut.. that what they have done to themselves. After doing lot of research.. I have come up with the conclusions. My plan of actions is that I have to do certain things So that my hair grow thick and healthy. and they can get longer quickly. So what I am doing to achieve that. I am going to share my secret with you Whenever you watch certain videos.. like “Grow your hair in Seven days” All of this is rubbish It can never happens There is certain time for everything. In not about days.. but months. to get long hair. In today’s video I will tell you guys about magic hair oil. So that quickly my hair get longer.

I want to have thick and long hair. I am doing three things for that.. Note no.tip Yes that’s right.. You might think then how will they grow? We don’t just want long hair.. we want thicker hair. I want to have thick hair because during Drama shooting a lot of blow drying is used. Hair gets abused a lot. You must go to the best hair stylist. Go to someone who you know is good. Don’t experiment with your hair. Go to your hairstylist every two month for the trimming. Second tip is I am using this but This quite an expensive product. So don’t use that. What you can do instead at home. I am going to tell you now. This is Nubea hair mask. Nubea has many different products Like it has a shampoo… then conditioner. and before shower. So before shower I put this on my hair and message thoroughly. after massaging and leaving for 15-20 mins. I use its shampoo and its conditioner. and after drying my hair. I use the no.2 and when I use no.2 and again massage thoroughly. after that hair loss serum. I use that. This is a proper plan for three month After three months you can repeat another cycle. I am doing this for few days. Here I am getting lot of baby hair. Sometime they annoy me during while I am shooting the videos. because those little hair are really useless. I usually apply little bit of gel. they settle after that I share with you that I am doing the Nubea program. You can order this from Hair lab. or if you can get this online from somewhere. Lastly, the special hair oil. and this was recommended to me by my Indian friend in Dubai I was telling her that I want my long hair back. Is it possible that I have long hair like you? and what she told me was that. I am going you to tell you now.. the magic hair oil recipe. and you will only need three ingredients for it. and the magic oil from which your hair will get longer. they will be thicker.. more shiny. and beautiful. You have to do it at least two time in a week.

Hair Oil Recipe Growth Secret

Stop Hair Fall Grow Hair Fast Which I have started doing also. First ingredient is the goose berries. and you can usually find here in lot of stores. they are green in color and something like this. Take about six of these. after taking 5-6 goose berries.. and after cleaning them. You have to cut them there should not be any water they should remain dry. You need to have small pieces the second ingredient is the garlic. You should not take the old garlic. Garlic should be fresh. the ones which comes fresh in the market. These are the two ingredients. The third is the extra virgin coconut oil. or you if you are in Karachi.. you can make coconut oil in front of you from Empress Market. Just try to get the best You have to only use the original coconut oil. Now I will tell you about the process. This will last you about two weeks Take a normal mug Fill it half with coconut oil. You need to heat it on low flame. Should never bring it to the boiling temperature. When it get hot on the medium heat then you have to You need to slightly brown the garlic. When the garlic is slightly golden brown. You need to add the goose berries. You have to cook these two.. but not on high heat. From medium to slow heat. The more slow you will heat.. the better it is. It will cook with love. It will take some time.. and then it will have amazing effect. after that what you do is you have to stain this oil. you can slightly press it too. Make sure its concentration can come inside the oil. you just can’t put all of it on your hair. Please don’t put it- after mashing the whole thing in your hair. You have to only take the oil and apply it on your hair. You have to do some really nice massage. On your scalp and hair. after that you will have some steam. With the towel. like the one I showed you Check out my video in which I showed how to do steam. after taking steam for 30 mins. The longer you keep it on your hair. The more it good for you. I say that you should not sleep with it at night because it will ruin your bed. After 4-5 hair you wash it. You must tell me after using this.


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