Skincare Routine For Glowy Radiant Skin


Skincare Routine For Glowy Radiant Skin

Skincare Routine For Glowy Radiant Skin Leather jacket boots shades that hey everyone welcome back to my channel my name is rene if you are new I want to make sure that I am sharing the proper information with you guys just because I don’t ever want to mislead anybody so I ended up going to my local dermatologists and I looked up and reviewed you know the highest-rated dermatologists and I went to her and I kind of brought my products along and asked her you know the science behind all the products I made sure she read all the ingredients all that good stuff so this is gonna be a dermatologist updated skincare routine some of the products are the same some of them.

I did switch up a little bit real quick also I want to throw out a disclaimer I personally believe that skincare starts from the inside out if you’re not eating healthy drinking a lot of fluids any of that stuff how you feed your body nutritionally definitely plays like a major role in your skin and I have a whole separate video about my top skincare tips so I’ll leave it linked on the screen those are first and foremost and then obviously whatever you put on your skin you want to make sure that it is nourishing your skin as well from the outside so I’m gonna go ahead and just dive right into the products and first things first actually let me put these in order so I have one two three four five six seven eight products here nothing too crazy another thing that I really believe in is not switching up your skincare too much when you do that your skin reacts and kind of breaks out so first things first I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys my makeup remover so this one has changed since the last time I showed you guys I had like three different makeup removing items in my last one and I found a product that literally does it all it’s like a three-in-one kind of product and that is the green clean makeup melt-away cleansing balm this stuff is amazing by the way everything that I mentioned too will be linked in the description box if you guys want to get them for yourselves this is by the brand pharmacy and what I really really like about pharmacy is that they mix science with farm so they use the most sustainable products they use the most pure products farm wise but then they also use the science to kind of back it up and make sure they’re putting the right ingredients so that your skin is literally just like glowing and hydrated and healthy.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

So it’s a really great concept I really like that about them I’m pretty sure all the products to that I mentioned will be as cruelty-free that was another thing that I realized in my last skincare routine was that some of the products weren’t close to free which I totally don’t stand for so if any of these are not quilty free definitely let me know in the comments so I can change it if you can tell it’s kind of like an oily texture it’s really nice because when you’re rubbing your face with it to take away the makeup you’re not sitting there scrubbing your face and like literally like being too harsh with your skin because I feel like using makeup wipes for example you literally have to kind of like go kind of deep and scrub off your makeup whereas this one kind of just glides off so this one is really nice too because sometimes when I just take off my makeup with this that’s all I do and my skin is just glowing it’s moisturize and it just literally melts the makeup away and I really really like it plus it smells so good it takes away your eye makeup as well it’s just like an all-around amazing product I’m obsessed with this thing highly highly recommend the next thing that I do is I will wash my face this one has not changed literally for years purity by philosophy this stuff has always been kind of like my go-to just because it is so pure there’s no fragrance in it so it’s not like harsh chemicals on your skin it’s just very simple and does the job I mean it’s a great daily cleanser and because there’s like not that many chemicals in it it just does a really good job at kind of clearing away all the dirt and bacteria that gets on your face during the day I just love this stuff so much it’s very light which I really like I’m not a fan of like thick cleansers you know I don’t even know what that means but like I don’t know just the way this makes my skin feel it’s very clean and fresh and light so the next thing that I do is toner I do this occasionally


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