Face Oils For Skin


Face Oils For Skin

Face Oils For Skin Hey guys  today we’ve got another skincare chat we are talking about face oils what you should be using why and what you shouldn’t be touching with a ten-foot pole our whole understanding of oils of somewhat involved so we now realize that they’re good for all skin types and they can benefit all skin types however these are very powerful ingredients so if you do use the wrong ones they can betray you brutally so again this is all about ingredients consider this a second part to my moisturizers video there are a lot of great blends out there and a lot of beauty products that have oils in their formula so we are going to talk about the ones that we hear about the most the most visible ones and available in the market so that you can find the products that are best suited for your skin the kind of oils that we are talking about today are the ones that benefit our skin the most which are plant oils all plants contain oil and fats in their seeds mainly so these are rich in antioxidants nutrition and vitamins that really nourish and even heal the skin when applied by rebuilding and sustaining the skins outermost lipid barrier you’ll also see mineral oils and a lot of ingredient lists.

I mentioned a bit about this in my moisturizers video these are primarily used to give emollients to a product like a cream and they also sit on top of the skin so they form a seal and smooth out the surface these are also cheap and easy to obtain so if you’re buying an expensive luxury product you do not want to see mineral oils appear in any of the first few lines of the ingredients list you’ll also see essential oils appear in a lot of ingredient lists these are the fragrant oils but you really really need to be cautious because these have a potential to seriously irritate your skin particularly the really popular ones like lavender and citrus oils citrus oils are also present in a lot of skin care products a lot of oil blends sold by companies and also in sheet masks they are highly photo toxic and can cause severe damage if exposed to the Sun I learned this the hard way I was vacation I spilled a product that had a very high concentration of citrus oils in it on my leg I was walking around the Sun the whole day next thing you know raw blistering big patch on my leg which and the scar lasted for the next eight months so the thought of that product going on someone’s face and then being in the Sun is just scary so before I begin listing the oils that will be great for you if you have oily skin I want to distinguish for you what makes an oil better for oily skin versus for really dry skin if you have oily skin then you need an oil that is high in linoleic fatty acids these tend to be a much thinner consistency they don’t sit on top of your skin they get absorbed quite quickly studies have shown that people with acne have lower levels of linoleic fatty acids in their skin surface lipids so what happens when your skin is deficient in this fatty acid is that your sebum starts to become thick and sticky a pore clogging this is when your sebum is unbalanced and contains too much of the oleic fatty acids so when you have oils that are high in linoleic acid in your skincare products it will really balance out your sebum situation and decrease your breakouts so the following rules are what you should be looking for they will nourish and protect the skin will definitely not be heavy enough for dry skin so tea tree oil tea tree oil products are great for oily skin acne prone skin this has disinfecting properties that will kill bacteria in your pores never use straight up pure tea tree oil directly on your skin you will get burned maracuja aisle or passion fruit seed oil is found in a lot of tart products.

What’s Best For Your Skin Type

It is moisturizing but it’s not heavy at all this actually is a fantastic under-eye treatment it’s not too greasy but it’s nourishing and it will treat your under-eye skin and I really love that Tarte has kujah under-eye concealer grapeseed oil is another one of those oils want to look into if you’re prone to breakouts this can also be a great spot treatment this is great for lowering inflammation it can actually even dry the skin out a bit but it has an antimicrobial effect on the skin this is also a natural preservative apricot seed oil is another wonderful light oil that’s great for oily skin it’s light it’s non clogging and it has a lot of natural vitamin E a’no evening primrose oil is antioxidant rich vitamin C and E lovely Komodo genic and is great for inflammation any kind of skin inflammation sea buckthorn oil is just an amazing ingredient it appears in a lot of fabulous cosmetic products and creams in fact it’s been a lot of the products that I’ve been reviewing over the past few weeks this is a soothing and calming oil that has been used to heal burnt skin and also protect the skin from really blustery or harsh weather conditions this naturally contains all the important omegas it’s antioxidant rich with vitamin C and E this helps repair inflammation and heal the skin this is a heavier more moisturizing oil which is great for me.


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