Essential Oil Blend For Hair Growth


Essential Oil Blend For Hair Growth

Essential Oil Blend For Hair Growth Hi guys and welcome back your health today I’m going to show you how to make essential oil blend for hair growth so I started researching these essential oils because I noticed that there was a bald patch at the back of my head fortunately it’s covered by the rest of my hair but obviously I became interested in why my hair had fallen out and how I can get it to grow back so if you’re going through a similar experience I definitely understand and hopefully this essential oil blend can help you grow your hair back too and this is of course not medical advice this is just my personal research and essential oils are appropriate only for adults who are not pregnant or breastfeeding or undergoing current surgery and make sure to dilute your essential oils well so in this blend we’re going to use castor oil as the base or the carrier so this is hexane free cold front cold pressed castor oil and then I’m gonna use five essential oils and a 50 milliliter dropper container so this container is made of glass you can see that it’s just a little dropper and this makes it quite easy to apply because you can either just hurt your hair and drop it directly onto your scalp or you can put a few drops on your hands and then kind of massage it into your scalp like that so the the focus with these is to get the essential oil blend more onto your scalp not throughout all of your hair so you don’t really need to put this oil throughout all of your hair in order for it to be effective it’s really trying to get this onto your scalp as much as you can it’s definitely not harmful for your hair and probably is actually good for your hair to get it.

On there but that is not the focus the focus is to get this onto your scalp so the five essential oils are Clary sage lavender peppermint cedar wood and rosemary and I’ll just go into each one of these and why they are helpful for hair growth and then I’ll show you how to mix and dilute them to a safe amount so if you can only afford one essential oil I would recommend making the rosemary because this is the one that comes up the most often as a solution for hair growth and a lot of people will just put a few drops of it in their shampoo which is another idea they might study with rosemary essential oil they compared it with minoxidil which is Rogaine and found that after three months of use neither group had grown more hair and this was with testosterone related balding but after six months the rosemary group had grown slightly more hair than the minoxidil group and both were obviously experiencing hair regrowth so it improves circulation and basically it just encourages your hair to grow and rosemary essential oil is also good for the health of a skin on your scalp lavender essential oil is really great for reducing stress and stress is one of the main causes of alopecia areata in my case this happened after a period of extreme stress and is Tsun is that very stressful situation resolved and started to become less stressful my hair started to fall out basically in clumps so you may notice the same thing where it’s not during this stressful period that your hair might fall out it could be right after this dresser is sort of reducing and your life is getting back together but you may notice something like this happen lavender essential oil is very calming it reduces that stress and anxiety which is really helpful for this condition lavender essential oil also has properties which can generate.

Lavender Oil

The growth of cells so it basically encourages them to grow faster it also has antimicrobial properties like most of these do so if there’s any kind of imbalance with those sort of microbial environment in your scalp these will help kind of rectify that situation so they compared lavender oil again to Rogaine in a study and basically they found that it was almost exactly the same effectiveness as the Rogaine at helping the mice rego their regrow their hair and in this study it wasn’t specifically alopecia areata they actually just shaved the mice and then applied these treatments to see how it affected the regrowth of their and they found that there were you know more hair follicles faster growth etc in both the lavender oil group and the Rogaine group but not in the controls so it just demonstrates that it is effective at helping regrow your hair or well in that case demises hair and it’s very likely then to help with humans as well so peppermint oil is a really helpful one for well the hair is in the growing phase so some of these will stimulate the hair to start growing by increase circulation and basically there’s different phases of hair growth so it can encourage it to go into the growing phase and peppermint oil is particularly helpful when the hair has already started to grow increases the circulation and the number of hair follicles and in the mice type study that they did on the lavender oil as well peppermint oil was actually significantly more effective in that study with number of hair follicles and hair growth meaning that when they compared it to the Rogaine group the peppermint oil mice actually after four weeks of treatment had more hair growth so this one was very effective so I would recommend including in it.


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