DIY Shampoo for HAIR


DIY Shampoo for HAIR

DIY Shampoo for HAIR What’s up you guys welcome back this video is gonna be all about hair I wanted to get up a video where I’m giving you guys tips again I know a lot of you have missed these types of informative videos so I wanted to share this recipe with you guys because it has been helping grow my hair and strengthen my hair I as you guys can see my hair is colored if you’re not familiar with my channel so I did have to bleach my hair on my own I got heat damaged before that so hair health strengthening my follicles and my hair and making sure my hair stays moisturized so it doesn’t just break off and I don’t lose all of the progress that I grew from my scalp on my ends that’s really important so I thought this would be beneficial for any of you guys so hopefully this video is helpful if it is like always please share it with someone that you think would also benefit from it and definitely give it a like if you enjoyed it I wanted to break down each of the ingredients and their benefits just so you guys don’t have to go do your own Google’s which you guys are here for the information right so I understand I talked about this clay wash in the past I used Rhassoul clay instead of bentonite clay and I use aloe vera juice so the difference with this wash is I’m actually using fresh aloe vera gel and you all know that fresh versus package plus preservatives and chemicals is always the best way to go result clay is a Moroccan healing clay it attracts and binds dirt and toxins from your scalp in your hair very similar to bentonite clay the difference is result clay actually leaves your hair moisturized it also is anti-inflammatory.


DIY Shampoo for HAIR :So it helps with itchy scalp irritated scalp the Lakey scalp this will definitely help to soothe your scalp and really help to start repairing it real slow play also has a ton of trace minerals I’m going to talk about two so the first one that’s really important is silica and that’s also an important ingredient in collagen so I also use real slow clay for my skin the silica helps stimulate and promote healthy hair growth it also helps with hair thinning and then the other mineral I want to talk about is magnesium so magnesium helps to strengthen your hair follicles and your hair alright moving on to aloe vera which has been so loyal and it is one of those ingredients that you can use for so many different things and shout out to I thought that was really cool when I saw two of my videos in Elle magazine like what she’s out here aloe vera which if you don’t know now you know it is very moisturizing and it helps to penetrate deep into your follicles and cuticles which is why it’s also good for your skin if you haven’t checked out my ila videos tap the card up here and they will be also down in the description box below helps to loosen the dirt and toxins from your scalp and it is anti-inflammatory as well so it helps with a dry itchy flaky scalp and it helps to repair your follicles and your skin cells and cuticles as well now I also add water to the wash but I’m going to skip to the two essential oils that I add which are peppermint essential oil and rosemary essential oil now they help to increase circulation so they get your blood vessels stimulated which promotes hair growth and then they also stimulate those follicles like I mentioned which also promotes hair growth and they help with a dry itchy scalp so they’re anti-inflammatory antiseptic this wash is hands-down probably one of the best little.

DIY Shampoo for HAIR :DIY concoctions that I’ve used for hair growth and for just stimulating and repairing your hair follicles and also helping to thicken your hair so the one thing that I would do differently with this mix is I would definitely figure out a better way to strain the aloe vera gel just because there were some bits that got through the cheesecloth when I strained it for the wash so if you have any tips for that leave it down below I probably could have just googled it but I thought the cheesecloth would work and for the most part it did I didn’t have many bits in my hair like I would have if I didn’t strain it at all and I also didn’t find them to be difficult to get out of my hair once I deep condition they pretty much all rinsed out and if they didn’t I was able to get the rest of the little bits when I was styling my hair I love this cleanser for my hair and especially for my scalp you have to remember that your scalp is where your hair grows from I know that’s probably just like common sense everyone knows that but I don’t think people really take into consideration how damaging certain things can be for their scalp in their hair follicles I know for me when I am suffering from like a dry itchy scalp sometimes I will go in each in my scalp to the point where you can feel like a little bit of a sensation so I just to be more mindful when I have an itchy scalp this will help you with your scalp itchiness I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you give this mix a try definitely let me know like I said if you do please share it if you found it helpful give the video a thumbs up definitely make sure to check out my recent video where I showed you guys what I do to stay snatched in the summer the different like activities I do and also what I eat and the supplements I guess that I take check that video out make sure you guys share that one as well and I’ll see you guys in the next one okay


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