Best Moisturisers For Clear Skin


Best Moisturisers For Clear Skin

Best Moisturisers For Clear Skin Hello, everybody! Welcome back to my channel, where we talk about skin care, grooming, sometimes hair, so if that sounds like your thing, make sure you are subscribed. Moisturisers! If you’re into your skin care and a friend tells you that they don’t moisturise, it gets to you, you know, because it’s one of the most important steps, if not the most important step in the whole skin care routine. Cleanse, tone, moisturise, one of the very basics as well. Using the right moisturiser for you in your routine, can help keep your skin balanced. So, whether you’re too dry or even too oily, you know there really is a moisturiser for all skin types and all skin concerns, so when you hear people don’t use one, it’s crazy, it’s absolutely crazy to me. But seeing that there are so, so many moisturisers out there and so many claim to do certain things, it can get very, very confusing. So today, I hope to help you out a little bit and today I’m gonna introduce you guys to five of my favorite moisturisers that I’ve used throughout my whole life that can help you on your way towards clear skin. So, let’s start off with the very first one because I don’t physically own it anymore but that is LUSH cosmetics vanishing cream. Lush, strangely enough ’cause I don’t use it that often anymore, is what really got me into skincare and what really helped my skin improve. They’re often known for their kind of overbearing smells that come out of their shops, their overly glittery bath bombs… No, we shouldn’t put glitter in everything. Annoys me. But their skincare is so, so good.

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As a sporty 14-15 year old, I went into Lush and asked them to help me pick some skin care and one of those products was their vanishing cream. Now, this is basically a very lightweight moisturiser for oily to acne prone skin. And this seriously changed my skin forever and my outlook on skincare forever. Vanishing cream as the name suggests, is a cream that literally vanishes on your skin when you go to rub it in. As I said, it’s very, very lightweight. This actually contains witch-hazel, which is very, very good for oily and acne prone skin. With its antibacterial properties and spot fighting properties, it’s very, very good. On its own, witch-hazel can be a little bit drying that’s why it works so well within a moisturiser. It also contains jojoba oil and honey to help really give that bit of light moisture, so nothing overbearing for oily skin. Lush moisturisers do tend to be on the pricier side but they do last a long time. Well, until the sell-by date, that’s another thing. ‘Cause they’re more towards the natural side of skincare, they don’t have synthetic preservatives in. So, you do kind of have to use this up before its sell-by date but it is very, very good. Unfortunately, I developed a bit of a bad reaction to witch-hazel, so I had to stop using it. But it was one of my all-time favorite moisturisers. Next up is a COSRX ultimate nourishing rice overnight mask, bit of a mouthful but very, very good. I’ve only been using this maybe for half a year but I love it, out of all the years I’ve been doing skincare.

What I love about it is, it’s a very good night cream as well as a day cream. So, it does call itself an overnight mask but unlike most night packs or night masks, it’s actually very light, in comparison. And its main purpose is to even out and brighten your skin tone, so if you have a lot of dark spots, your skin is just lookin’ a little bit dull, it is a really, really good moisturiser to use day and night. It’s infused with 68% rice extract, which is a lot of extracts to have in a moisturizer, and it sinks right into the skin. It also contains Niacinamide, which we know is an ingredient I love. Obviously, to help even out your skin tone and give your skin just a nice overall glow. I wouldn’t say that this is for people, who currently have spots or acne. This is more towards the stage where your skin’s a bit more manageable, you’ve got a few scars left over, maybe you don’t have scars and your skin is just looking a little bit dull. This is a really good moisturiser, just to give your skin a bit of a pick-me-up. But yeah, it’s just lovely to use as well. Next up, we have one that I didn’t really talk about and it’s less about the actual brand and more about the type of product. This is the NAKEUP FACE 10% glycolic acid, AHA Scaling cream. Sounds intense, right? It is a little bit. So, I have to say straight off that this moisturiser is not for everyone. 10% is a very generous amount of glycolic acid to have in a product.


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