Best Dandruff Shampoo


Best Dandruff Shampoo

Best Dandruff Shampoo Acne affects a lot of people including myself this is in quotation marks where Nolan is quoting myself from my video his face literally zero acne Nolan thank you comment this is from the how to get rid of acne video which i think has had over 1 million and something views which is amazing thank you so much but Nolan promise you I still suffer from acne to this day right now but two spots going on here but two here I think about one or two on my cheeks so yeah loads of people suffer from acne please don’t let it get to you and remain positive and I hope my tips help you thank you for your comment hey everyone you might have noticed this is a different setup to where we usually film because I’m down in London at the moment doing some film work but I thought to myself whilst I’m here why not film an episode of responding to your comments one of my favorite series to do where we look at fun questions and health questions so what are waiting for let’s do this Wade Wilson what do you recommend on alternating shampoos like how often should someone use one shampoo and then switch to another one and so on Wade.

Dandruff is not a result of poor hygiene so please don’t let anyone get to you on that it’s not a result for hygiene it’s not contagious and it’s a natural process so if anyone says anything to you remain positive and always remember that you’re awesome so in the video we talk more about dandruff in detail and it’s treatments but in short dandruff is caused by a fungus which is called malassezia globosa which I know it sounds more like a Harry Potter spell to be quite honest and yeah I am a big Harry Potter fan now in terms of shampoos to treat dandruff we have a few options so there’s antifungal shampoos which contain ketoconazole which works very well and is also shampoos containing zinc or selenium which target the fungus also there’s also shampoos that contain coal tar and need we use the turnover of the skin and also a fell like I’ve said also loads and also there is another shampoo which contains salicylic acid which gets rid of the flakes now in the dandruff video that I did I discussed when using an antifungal shampoo it’s a good idea to cycle between shampoos to prevent its effects from wearing off which is why our good friend Wade Wilson’s comment is so great this question is so great because it’s asking how often and how you should cycle between different shampoos let’s say for example you’re using ketoconazole shampoo so to begin with you’re going to be using it properly so you’re gonna be rubbing it nicely into your scalp you’re gonna be leaving it on for five minutes before washing it off and you’re gonna be using it as directed on the actual box or bottle which is usually twice a week for about two to four weeks when you first begin using it now let’s call that the treatment dose so when you’re using the ketoconazole shampoo twice a week for two to four weeks and on the days that you’re not using it use normal shampoo.

What Causes Dandruff

This is completely fine now after the four weeks treatment your dandruff is all completely gone which is great but remember maybe do a kind of preventative dose of using the ketoconazole shampoo once every two weeks and on the days that you’re not using ketoconazole again use normal shampoo it’s completely fine and what this is gonna do is going to help prevent the effects of the ketoconazole shampoo from wearing off thank you for the question I hope my tips helped everyone watching this video and if you want more information on the different types of shampoos and what they do I will leave more information in the description below for you also if you haven’t seen the dandruff video please watch it I will leave a link up here and in the description below for you it’s got loads more information about dandruff why it happens when it happens and also all about the treatments so I highly recommend everyone watches it Thank You Ethan and Sissy’s House of games why doesn’t Abraham have his own TV show Ethan and Sissy thank you for your comment this one got my attention and of course I’m going to put this on respond to comments because I completely agree with you why don’t I have my own TV show if there is any TV production companies or talent scouts or anything like that watching hit me up because I’m definitely down for a TV show or Ethan and Sissy if you want to do a TV show together then hit me up too I’m sure we can make something incredible thank you for your comment Queen of LOL legit question are you married queen of LOL thank you for your comment I’m gonna answer your question legit answer no I’m not married but would I like to be married I want to give you another legit answer yes maybe one day hopefully I will be married now another thing I want to raise about this question is that I love it how sometimes some people to justify or start their question with the word for example legit you know to try and support it but please remember this there’s no such thing as a bad question so ask away because knowledge is power and I guess you should always be seeking knowledge and this applies to anything in life.


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